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Shirazi House

Shirazi house is located in DarbShazdeh Neighborhood which is 100 meters east of the north Vakil Bazaar. Most Zandiyeh Buildings are located in these 10 neighborhoods, in a way that after walking for some minutes, some buildings, such as Vakil Bazaar, Karim Khan Castle, Divankhaneh Building, Jobbehkhaneh, Pars Museum (Nazar Garden and KolahFarangi Building), Vakil Mosque, and Vakil Bath will be available. This building which was partially ruined was bought by Mr. HamidrezaJahanbekam in 2015, and it was restored by experts and masters for about 30 months. At all the stages of this...

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Works obtained from Shiraz Delta show that people have long lived and resided in this area. Some believe the establishment of this city was related to early Islamic centuries, and they attribute this to Mohammad Bin Yousef Saghafi in the first century. However, various works which are available...



The rooms have been constructed in the northern, western, and southern part of the central courtyard.
In the western part of the central courtyard, there are two rooms in the upper part which have five-door sashes, and its wooden ceiling has been decorated with flower-and-bird painting by using oil painting technique.
Mogharnas suite:
The residential room located in the southern part has ornamentally vaulted shelves (MOGHARNAS) and plaster string course (GHATAR BANDI), and a three-door squinch with strapwork tiles separates this from the central courtyard.
All in all, shirazi house has five residential areas, all of which have restrooms.
This is not a hotel, but it is shirazi house. We have tried to be simple, relaxed, and beautiful like Narcissus flowers and jonquils. shirazi house is our companion. In this place where we are, existence is different. In this place, you can see the back of your head (MohammadkhalilMozneb-Jamali- Shirazi Poet). We hope you accept it.